Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting Started

Some instructions, tips, and thoughts about responding to the blog posts:

My intention for the blog posts is that they will stimulate thought outside of class, and discussion within class. You should, then, be thoughtful in your comments. This doesn't mean that your comments have to be especially brilliant or long-winded, but you should actually put some thought and effort into what you contribute. I would also urge you to interact with one another. The minimum requirement for this assignment is that you respond with one thoughtful comment to each of my posts. But it might be useful (or, dare I say, enjoyable?) to use the blog as a forum for you to work out your questions and queries about the text among each other.

In order to receive full credit for participating in the blog post assignment:
  • Your comments should be written in complete sentences, using, to the best of your ability, correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Your first comment on any post should clearly respond to the post as it is written. If the blog comment conversation drifts in interesting directions, feel free to post in response to your classmates' thoughts. But your first post should clearly and specifically respond to the original post.
  • Your comment should be at least one paragraph in length. This means that you can't just toss off one exceptionally clever thought and have it count for your blog comment. If you choose to continue posting in response to your classmates' comments, you can be pithy and witty. But for your original comment, for credit, you need to write (and think) a bit more.
  • For now, you should sign your posts in a way that makes it clear who you are. This will guarantee you receive proper credit for participating in the blog post assignment.
  • While the blog is a somewhat informal venue for class participation, your comments should be respectful to your fellow classmates, and should avoid any speech that might be considered offensive. I reserve the right to remove any commentary I feel is inappropriate or disrespectful.
I think that's it. Enjoy!

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